Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Ok so this is going to be a somewhat random entry that basically sums up what is going on in my life and what i've been wanting to write here but haven't had the time to do so.

Tonight I'm getting on a bus with my class for 12 hours (yes, 12 hours) and we are driving to London for the week.  That's a German high school's idea of a class trip.  Awesome, I know.  But 12 hours? All night long?  We'll be stepping off the bus in London at 8 am and beginning our tours.... yeah I hope we can stay awake during the tours too.  I'm so excited!!!

I then fly home on Friday a day earlier than my class rides back on the bus (1 hour plane ride, 12 hour bus ride... haha in your faces) because I have to repack and fly´to Spain to go on the week long cruise that my host family gave me for my 18th birthday.  Yep, my host family is awesome. 

Anyway, that's all that I have time to update you guys on, but I miss you all.  Tschüss!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Was passiert in München, bleibt in München....

A group of people were wearing homemade t-shirts that said this at Oktoberfest in München.  Yeah, I got to go to that. :) It's only one of the biggest drinking parties in the world, where women are wear really cute dresses and men wear... um... interesting short/pant thingys called Lederhosen. All things said, Oktoberfest is like one, huge, city-wide fair.  There are cool rides, disgustingly delicious foods, things to buy, etc, only German style.  Here's an example.  They had funhouses where you had to go through a series of obstacles in order to make it through, and the first five or six things they had in the open so people walking by could stop and watch.  Now, the first couple things were fun and interesting, like having to run through a part that will randomly squirt water at you, or walking a cross a floor that randomly switched planes, but they were also easy enough for people to figure out.  This was a trick, my friends.  For once they made it through these obstacles, they came to some stairs (a warning already).  Now, this "obstacle" was purely for crowd pleasure and aimed toward women.  For the moment that you stepped on those steps, an air gun was aimed perfectly to send any women's classic german dress sky high.  It was also strong enough that there was no way to 1) hold your skirt down 2) pull your skirt back down.  We saw everything.  It was hilarious.  My favorite ones were where the girl didn't know about it and thought it was sweet that the boys said, "after you, ladies first."  Those ones were hilarious.  Just a bit of German fun.  As for everything else that happened, well, was passiert in München, bleibt in München... ;)