Thursday, September 8, 2011

I know it's a little bit late... but here I am! :)

So I have actually decided to not only design a blog, but to also write in it! What an idea, right?  You know what convinced me?  Olivia's blog.  It's so funny and perfect and I decided I wanted one just like it.  Well see if I can compare to a 5'8'' red head in Japan, since I'm a 5'7'' light-skinned blonde in... Germany... Yeah I pretty much blend in.

To begin, I will explain what my life is like here.  Then I will proceed on to all the stupid/funny things that have happened to me so far.

I live in Bad Lauterberg, Germany.  I have a mom (Kathrin), a dad (Erik), two sisters (Charly, 19, and Tiffy, 17) and a brother (Maurice, 15).  They are awesome.  I go to school in the town next to Bad Lauterberg, it's called Herzberg.  I am in 12th grade and, depending on the class, understand absolutely nothing.  People say that my German is good but I know that they're being nice, smiling, and nodding even though they can;t understand a word I'm saying.  I know because I do the same thing to them.

Ok, I'm done with the basics.  Here are some things that have happened to me so far:
          - Germans bring breakfast to school, not lunch.  Ok so this one isn't really my fault, just my ignorance.  How am I supposed to know that a sandwich, and apple, and a chocolate bar is breakfast when I eat a bowl of cereal at home before school?  Well anyway, when I got home and they asked me if I ate lunch, I said yes.  When they asked me what I ate, I got a little confused.  I answered, "what you packed for me."  My host mother then had a horrified look on her face, and Tiffy quickly explained.  Now they think I don't eat.  My host father checks the dish washer to make sure I've put dishes in it, and my host mother always begs me to eat a little bit more.  lol.
          - It's ok to touch, and it's ok to shove.  I found out both of these things the hard way.  Well, not hard, just funny.  My first experience with the whole touching thing was in Religion, when my religion teacher, Frau Apel, was explaining that Jesus is "flesh and blood." As she said the words, flesh and blood, she ran her hand up and down my arm.... yes, a total look of surprise and confusion was on my face, which caused my class to roar with laughter.  Since then there have been hugs, hand shakes, pats on the back, etc from people I barely know.  Cultural differences and all.  Shoving has to do with the bus.  Yes, you begin in the normal, civilized line as you wait at the bus stop, but the moment that the bus arrives the shoving begins.  I always start at the front and end at the back.  It makes me furious, you know? lol.

This is already way to long, so I'll end it here.  Keep looking though, who knows when I'll post next. :)


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