Friday, September 16, 2011

"Jo, the United States of AMERICA is Canada, the US, and Texas, right?" .... What?!

That is by far the best question asked of me so far, and I'm sure the very independent state of Texas will appreciate the fact that some still believe it to be a lone star.  My host brother asked me this question at the dinner table the other night, completely serious, with the rest of my family looking at me expectantly (Tiffy, the one who spent five months in the USA, wasn't present).... like it was a perfectly normal question.  With a small smile, and a small smile is pretty good restraint considering how funny the question is, I answered, "No, North America is Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico."  I'd say I respected the question pretty well.  I am always trying to remember that I probably ask the same exact types of questions here, and that they (usually) don't laugh at me so why should I laugh at them?

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