Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Unexpected Visitor (September 10th, 2011)

In Germany, air conditioning = the windows in your room. Not even fans. Every morning when I wake up I open my windows all the way so that I can get as much air in as possible before I have to close everything up and be on my way for the day. Nothing was different about this particular Saturday. I had finished getting ready for my day of tennis and shopping, was downstairs eating breakfast, when I realized that I had forgotten my key and to close the windows. I ran upstairs, opened my door, and all I saw was flapping wings and all I heard was squawking. I slammed my door shut and ran downstairs as fast as possible. My fright showed all over my face, and my host sister Tiffy looked at me like, “What the heck is wrong with you?” I told her that there was a bird in my room. Once again I was not believed. She came upstairs, opened my door, and was greeted by the same flapping and squawking. She slammed the door faster than me (ha) and then opened it very slowly. The bird then flew out the window on its own. Smarty pants. Nevertheless, I do not open my windows quite as wide anymore.

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